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Providence Journal 1/16/00 - For Low wage service workers, life is a daily struggle 5/13/10 - Miguel Luna Re-Election kickoff is a success -Speakers included ward residents Carmen Castillo and Grace Brown, who spoke about...


 Providence Journal 9/8/09 - Carmen Castillo attended the council meeting to support the ordinance


Providence Journal  10/2/09 - “We’re going to keep fighting and we’re not going to let what happened in Boston happen here,” Carmen Castillo


Providence Journal 11/11/09 - Our message to irresponsible employers: “Here’s your hat. What’s your hurry?”


Providence Journal 5/22/10 - “How can I possibly support my daughters, pay my bills and pay my mortgage on that?” Castillo says.


Providence Journal 2/16/11 - Castillo said the union’s next step will be to help workers at the city’s Renaissance hotel gain their first contract.



Providence Journal 9/18/11 -  Nine declare candidacy in Providence Ward 9 election